Hi everyone! Itˇ¦s great to be graduating isnˇ¦t it? Well, even though some of us are still struggling, it great to know that some of our dear friends have finally been able to ˇ§Escape from Laie.ˇ¨ As custom for the Hong Kong Club, we held our Graduation Dinner in honor of our nine graduating students, on 6/17/00, 8.00pm at the TVA Chapel. They are Joe, Cecilia, Fanny, Agnes, Leah, Juliana, Beth, Susilo and Ruth.

On behalf of the club, Iˇ¦ll like to wish them the best for their future and may they each find the career of their dreams.  (If you guys are reading this, remember donˇ¦t wash those shirts!)

It is during this time of the semester that we discover the wonderful cooking skills of some of our members as they generously contribute their precious time to prepare the food. Who would have thought that Derekˇ¦s chicken would taste so delicious?!

Yum!! Yum!!  Thinking of it now is making me hungry again, may be he should start a food business, here in Laie. Well, we must not forget the wonderful decoration and setting, that was put up by the hard work of Jeffery and his crew.

Of course, who can forget the games and performances that entertained us as we ate our meal.  After watching our members perform, we may even have a potential Leon Lai or Andy Lau among us. We had a great time.  We are looking forward to the next dinner, when we will gather together again and celebrate with the next group of graduates. The club presidency would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for all those that helped out. See you next time. Mahalo!