It was a beautiful Saturday morning on May 13 that the Hong Kong Club had our Opening Social.  It was filled with games and musical entertainment.  Most importantly, it was the company of good friends and beginning of new friendships.  It all began with fun games created by our enthusiastic Activity Assistant Jaren Lau.  We played many interesting games, which included throwing of a chalk brush as well as fighting for the chalk brush.  We were also entertained by two talented musicians who liven up the site with music.  It also brought out the singers of the Hong Kong Club, as many members gathered around and sang along the music.  The most important part was of course the FOOD.  We had a variety of food to choose from.  By the expression on many people’s face, they were happy with it.  Even though the sun was blazing down on us, everyone had fun, as we gathered around the BBQ pit.  There were many jokes and many pictures taken.  It was a great day.  Thank you to those who helped out, preparing food as well as starting the BBQ.  Special thanks to our Activity Director, Jean Yau, for preparing this activity for everyone to enjoy.  This is going to be a great term for the Hong Kong Club.  There will be a lot more activities so don’t miss out next time.